The HLO aims to support the humanitarian sector in its effort to alleviate suffering everywhere at any time.

Every person in need has the same right to assistance, irrespective of nationality, race, religion, sex, social status or political belief. Our voluntary assistance aims to help our partners to use their available resources considering the degree of need and the urgency for help to thereby restore the self-help capacities of those in need.

In order to maintain the confidence of all, the HLO abstains from every participation in political, racial, religious or ideological confrontations and works exclusively with organizations which act according to the same principle.

The HLO is independent. Although the national entities are subject to the laws of each country, they must always maintain their autonomy so that they are able to act at all times in accordance with the principles of HLO.

The HLO ensures transparency in internal processes, because we believe only transparency enables confidence. Outwardly, the HLO will leave no stone unturned to increase transparency within the humanitarian sector and identify waste of funds in the humanitarian supply chain.

In order to ensure a permanent renewal through innovation HLO internally fosters an environment with sufficient space for innovative ideas which shall be implemented successfully. Outwardly, it acts as a catalyst for innovation.

To further foster the reduction of the dispersal of funds within the humanitarian supply chain, so as to make humanitarian aid more effective and efficient, the HLO commits to continuous improvement.

Humanitarian Logistics Organisation e.V.

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