Marco Wehrle - Warehousing & Training

Within the framework of a Franco-German double-degree programme, Marco studied Logistics Management at Kiel University of Applied Sciences and Financial Controlling at the University of Montpellier. He successfully graduated from the programme in 2009 with the German one-tier degree of 'Diplom-Kaufmann (FH)' and the French postgraduate degree of 'Maîtrise Économie-Gestion'. During his studies, he worked as an intern in Paris with the Johnson & Johnson group, in the Supply Chain department of which he started to work after his graduation: initially in the role of an analyst, later on a permanent basis in his current role of a Supply-Chain Project Manager. Marco was initially based for three years at the European distribution centre in England, managing the development and implementation of process changes in the warehouse as well as the logistical activities for product launches within the region. In March 2013, he was drawn back to his homeland in Northern Germany, from where he now manages strategic supply-chain projects for the region Europe, Middle East and Africa. Marco has started to attend the Leuphana University for a part-time programme in Management & Engineering, from which he is planning to graduate as 'Master of Science' in March 2016.

"As a fan of Logistics, I love to also engage myself into that field outside of work. I am hence glad to have found HLO with its team of like-minded logisticians, who apply their combined skills to a good cause."

Humanitarian Logistics Organisation e.V.

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