Logistics Companies

We do not work with own vehicles and storage capacities, instead we act as a humanitarian broker between non-profit organisations and logistics companies, in other words we work as 4PL (4th party logistics) provider.

Through our mutual cooperation, you as a logistics company can optimise your network utilisation, and at the same time benefit from more efficient communication during order processing with logistics experts who speak the same language. More important is however the effective and sustainable contribution in the field of corporate responsibility, which you achieve by working with us. 

There are several possibilities to cooperate with HLO including the assignment of warehousing and transport services, financial donations, donations in form of logistics services or becoming a member of HLO.

We are looking for logistics providers, who are interested in our work and want to support us. If you are interested, please contact us.

Humanitarian Logistics Organisation e.V.

Hamburg, Germany

E-Mail ahoinoSpam@humanilog.org

Phone +49 40 228686750