We would not be able to offer our services without IT- based support and access to up to date technical information. The following partners support us in this field:


catkin® ensures easy and safe communication in logistics. The portal solution allows for fast, modern and system-based communication between customers and contractors. mehr...



OAG Aviation Worldwide

OAG is the market leader in aviation intelligence and is relied upon globally for essential aviation information, data and insight. Its products are vital to strategic and commercial planning and deliver Absolute Aviation Advantage across the worldwide air transport industry.OAG is the only single source provider of schedules, traffic and flight status information, using this to deliver accurate, comprehensive and up-to-the-minute aviation data and expertise. It converts this information into market-leading intelligence and innovative aviation and travel solutions. OAG is best known for its airline schedules and flight status databases, which holds future and historical flight details for over 900 airlines and more than 4,000 airports. It has been trusted and respected within the industry for over 80 years.. read more...



Humanitarian Logistics Organisation e.V.

Hamburg, Germany


Phone +49 40 228686750