Air Transport

If the timing is critical, air transportation is the best way to bring your humanitarian aid to its destination. Especially in case of a disaster or when sending perishable or urgently needed goods such as medicine, there is no better alternative than air transportation: where land or sea transportation takes several days or weeks, an airplane arrives in hours. In addition, the transportation via air is more reliable and generally safer. Unfortunately air freight is also the most expensive transport mode and it pollutes the environment more than any other way of transportation. Furthermore, air freight requires precise planning and specific infrastructure with an existing chain of air cargo ports and land transportation for pre- and on-carriage.

HLO helps you to evaluate the pros and cons, in order to ensure a smooth air freight transportation with the best cost efficiency. Primarily, we take advantage of air freight for the transportation of goods in immediate disaster relief. But also for time-critical shipments within development aid and other non-profit activities we rely on the speed and reliability of air freight, for example if spare parts are required for technical equipment.

For information about an air freight reference project of HLO, click here.

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