Sea Transport

If you intend to ship big volumes and/or your shipment is not time-critical, the transportation via ship is a reliable transport solution. Especially for bigger in-kind donations that are used for development aid, sea transport represents a clever choice due to relatively low transport and handling costs. Furthermore, sea freight causes relatively little pollution, especially in comparison to air freight. And although transport via ship is known for being slow, even in the event of a disaster sea freight can be advantageous if the airport infrastructure is unusable or congested.

For sustainable, constant development aid we mostly use sea freight because of the best time-cost-efficiency. This mostly applies for items of everyday use that are not needed urgently such as textiles, machines or vehicles.

The professional competence of our team supports you in suitable packaging of the goods, preparation of the necessary documents and time planning.

You can read the story of an exemplary sea freight transport organised by HLO here.

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