Application of Lighter-Than-Air Technology

As a young and innovative organization, we strive for the development and usage of new technologies. Due to long-standing relationships between of some of our members to the lighter-than-air industry and thus, existing knowledge about this technology in our organisation, we are convinced that humanitarian logistics, and especially Rescue Logistics is a niche where such technology can be applied perfectly.

For this reason, we chose a partnership with CargoLifter, the pioneers in this field. The company developed a portable balloon rescue system called AirKules. With this system, emergency personnel can remove debris without putting pressure on the surface in case of an earthquake or transport sandbags during floods. The system creates additional capacity or can be used to bridge terrain that is difficult to access. Up to 350 kg can be lifted with the AirKules. Also, in a motorized version it can be used to rescue people.

The HLO intends to acquire an AirKules as the first component in our S&R Logistics equipment pool. With the help of CargoLifter, numerous donations have already been collected for this purpose and this demand already exists from the rescue organizations perspective.

The pictures on the right show the concept and potential application areas of the AirKules.

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